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    Little Einstein’s Montessori Prechool is a community of children, parents, teachers and staff dedicated to Montessori...

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Why Choose Us

Our mission is to provide a prepared environment based on Montessori principles where children can  develop intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically.
Our mission is to provide a prepared environment based on Montessori principles where children can  develop intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically. - See more at:
  • Our staff has many years of experience and very talented
  • The facility is extremely clean
  • We have the highest quality Montessori materials available
  • Our environment is nurturing, safe, and orderly
  • The children receive a top notch education
  • We cater to each child’s specific needs
  • The Little Einstein’s staff is always looking for ways to improve our curriculum


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Our Facility

Well-equipped classrooms and school facilities.


Two-year-old toddlers, three-year-old to kindergarten, after-school, and summer...

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School Calendar For 2016 - 2017

 December 22, 2016 – January 2, 2017  Winter Holiday Break
 January 3, 2017    School Resumes
 January 16, 2017  Martin Luther King Holiday (Closed)
 February 20, 2017  Presidents’ Day Holiday (Closed)
 April 10 – 14, 2017  Spring Break
 May 12, 2017  Tea Party (Only Mommy’s)
 May 29, 2017  Memorial Day (Closed)
 June 16, 2017  Pizza Party (Only Daddy’s)
 June 23, 2017 Final day of school year and Graduation Day. Half-day attendance. Children need to be picked up by 11:45 AM
 June 30 and July 3, 2017  Teachers In-Service Day (Closed)
 July 4, 2017  Independence Day (Closed)
 July 5 thru August 17, 2017  Summer Program Begins
 August 18, 2017  Teachers In-Service (School Closed)

Always check the weather before you leave the house. We may need jackets, boots or sunhats that you weren’t expecting.

Early Dismissal:

In the event weather conditions deteriorate rapidly and unexpectedly during school hours, parents will be informed that school, including aftercare, will be dismissed early. While we realize that this is always inconvenient, we ask your cooperation in picking up your children as quickly as possible. Roads will be slow and treacherous by that point. Help us get you and your child home safely.

Parents interested in enrollment of their children should visit Little Einstein's Montessori Preschool for a tour and interview.

Students may enroll at any time through the year, provided space is available.

Siblings of children already enrolled at Little Einstein's Montessori Preschool and Montessori transfer students are given preference in enrollment.

As a courtesy to our parents, we offer the option of paying the tuition by the month or by paying the year in full. It is understood, however, when a student is accepted into our program that the parents or guardians are responsible for the tuition through the entire primary cycle. The annual Registration Fee and the one-time Commitment Fee are non-refundable.

Commitment Fees are collected upon a student’s acceptance into the Primary class and are applied to the child’s final month of tuition in their final year at Little Einstein's Montessori Preschool. We require only one Commitment Fee per family, which will be rolled over from one child to the next

Tuition is based on a 12 twelve-month school year, since we're a year round preschool. For your convenience, we have divided the total tuition into ten (12) monthly installments. Summer school tuition is separate and will be published later. An older sibling receives a 5% discount on full–time schedule.

Tuition will not be adjusted for illnesses, vacations or holidays. We do not include the days we are closed for holidays or break in the amount you are charged for tuition. So even though it may appear that the school is closed for several days, please remember that you are not paying by the day but for a portion of your total contracted amount. While we understand that absences will occur, trading scheduled days or receiving financial credit is not possible. We urge you to take advantage of the times we are normally closed during the year to schedule your family vacations. And remember that holiday closures have never been included in the tuition fees so it is NOT possible to exchange a holiday for another day during the week.

If you find that you must take your child out of Little Einstein's Montessori Preschool, we must have 30 days notice in order for you to be released from your contract.

It is understood when a child is accepted for enrollment at Little Einstein's Montessori Preschool that the parents or guardians will make a sincere effort to support the student and the school by informing themselves of the Montessori philosophy and by applying its principles as closely as possible at home. In the event that the home and school’s philosophies are not in agreement, and in order to avoid confusion for the child, the parents will be asked to seek another school whose philosophy and approach is more in keeping with their own.

Non-Discrimination Policy: Little Einstein's Montessori Preschool has no religious affiliation and welcomes students of every race, sex, color and national or ethnic origin.

Enrollment Policies:

Eligibility for Enrollment

In general, children enter Little Einstein's Young Children’s Community at the age of two or the Primary program at the age of three years of age. To enter the Primary Program, children must be three years of age and toilet-trained. Siblings of current Little Einstein's students are given priority for acceptance.

Step One


Please call us to schedule a tour to learn about the school and answer any questions you might have about our school and educational philosophy. The tour takes about 30 to 40 minutes and you may bring your child(ren) with you.

Step Two


An observation of the classroom in which your child will be enrolling is mandatory. Observations should be 20 minutes in length to get a full sense of the class environment. Please schedule an observation after you have been on a tour.

There are no observations two days before or after a major holiday (Thanksgiving/Christmas/Spring Break).


Both parents are encouraged to come, however it is not mandatory. Children may NOT attend the observations.

A clipboard with observation guidelines is given to take into the classroom. Parents are encouraged to write down any questions that may arise from the observation.

Step Three


A conference is scheduled after the observation is completed. The purpose of the conference is to answer any remaining questions and to be sure Little Einstein's is the right fit for the family.

BOTH PARENTS MUST ATTEND. Children may join their parents for the conference if childcare is not available. Conferences normally last 30 minutes. After the conference, if everyone is in agreement, the parents or guardians can then proceed with registration of their child.

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